Food to eat during 1st Tri

Hi mummies! Do you follow your cravings if you have during your first trimester? Or do you play safe and eat only what you can? I’ve been eating what I’ve been craving for, but sometimes everything comes out. Should I do a meal plan to eat healthily or just eat whatever my body accepts at the moment? #pregnancy #1stimemom #advicepls #firstbaby

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I followed what I craved for during my first trimester, excluding those food that are strictly unsafe like raw food, raw eggs etc. As much as I want to eat healthy, I just cannot stand the sight of healthy food due to my morning sickness and poor appetite. I just eat food that doesn't sound digesting to me.. at least I can eat something. My gynae even told me not to over worry about no appetite/weight loss during the first trimester and also give the green light to eat or drink whatever I feel like as long as its not within the list of unacceptable food for preggies.

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3mo ago

ya! I used to aim to eat a balance meal before pregnancy.. avocado, salmon, vege etc but now when I see a plate of healthy stuff I just cannot.. I pretty much live by plain crackers, juice and sometimes weird cravings for fries.. my gynae still say if I stand drinking plain water, its okay to drink 100 plus and coke in moderation hahaha

I’m 8 5, but I don’t have any craving at all. Except the bottle of soju I got before my pregnancy 😅 too bad, I have to wait. I do not take anything with Chinese herbs inside, and try to make sure I have enough carbo, protein, fibers and my prenatal vitamins. Of course, no sashimi nor salad.

eat what you want. happy mummy happy baby. I ate sashimi and my mum had sashimi when I was in her uterus. just eat fresh ones.

I ate everything except alcohol and raw food. when you are having morning sickness, you are not able to really choose .

For me, i eat whatever i can as long doesn't vomit out again. 😂 Even like raw food but all in moderation, not too much.

I eat whatever I can first then when I feel better, then I slowly eat whatever I crave or want.