How often do you buy toys for your kids?

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As for me, I buy toys whenever my kid's toys are not suited for his age anymore. Say when we was 5, i bought him a big toy car where he can ride in it. Now that he is 6, he is more fond of remote-operated cars. As much as I want to give in and buy the toys he wants, I made it a point to let him know about saving and learning to value what he has. With that, he usually do not ask too much and even say "mama bili ako pag may pera na". That's so sweet of him.

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My Tita used to buy toys for my cousin almost every month (now 10 years old). She said that as long as she can afford, she will buy her the toys that she likes. She said that she wants to give all that she can to her little one as long as she can because when she was a kid, her parents weren't able to buy her a lot of toys due to financial incapabilities. So, now that she is in a good state, she wants to give her little princess all that she can afford.

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Sa eldest ko before every 2 weeks, every pay day. Bumibili ako ng Vtech, Fisher Price, or the like. Syempre first time magkababy kaya parang lagi kang excited bumili ng kahit ano. But later on, I find it impractical already kasi natatambak na lang and syempre pricey din ung mga toys. Now, per occasion na lang or minsan may mura naman kasi minsan nasisira din agad.

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Same with Ash, I only buy new toys if the existing toys are no longer suited for my baby's age. I also don't buy a lot of toys. I hid some of them and rotate the toys every week - the toys hidden this week will be out next week, while the toys that are out this week will be hidden next week.

Same with the others, if he has outgrown the toys (usually educational), then we get him something that would be suitable for his current skills and age. His more conventional toys come from hand me downs and gifts anyway, so I don't feel the need to get him more.

It really depends if I've seen a unique and interesting toy, especially if it is educational. But right now, we rarely buy for them because my mom sends them our toys way back, and my aunt abroad sends my kids toys too.

Not that often. Small stuff like Kinderjoy and the like, un ang madalas na binibili ng mga anak ko. Pero big and pricey toys, we always do a research first if it's really useful for them.

Not really that often. Maybe just once a month, and we would buy only one toy. Sometimes, we don't go out and this means they wouldn't get to force me into buying one.

nung 1-2 years old sya bihira pero ngayon pag may extra money binibilhan ko sya kasi nilalaro na talaga nya. tsaka mas ok sya para iwas gadgets

Not too often. Whenever we see something so unique and interesting, that's the only time we buy for them. They already a have a lot of toys.