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What's your take in buying preloved branded authentic clothes for your kids versus brand new with no brand at all and quality is just so-so?
Depends on the purpose. For show let people see? For comfort level? No brand also can be comfortable. The difference in comfort level towards a child is marginal. The child is probably more concerned
Is branded authentic stuufs more impt? But if u can afford, no one stopping u
Depends on the location/shop you’re buying from. Consignment shops that carry clean & inspected garments are worth your time. It’s okay but be careful of contagious skin problems that come from previo
Baby's clothes need not be branded for as long as it is of quality and comfortable and cool for our baby.The cheaper the better
just normal brand
What's the best Swim Diapers in town?
I don't know in town but you can go online.
hugies po try nu
Huggies dry pants and genki pants
i just used my old cloth diaper as swim diaper. 😂just no need to put the insert, use the cover only. works well for me.
Anyone have discount code or coupon for zalora? Pls share zalora discount vouchers here!
You can get more offers of Zalora here:
i just got an email from tm
thumb image
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WEARE4 to get 15% discount. On top of that, you can earn extra cashback too. I would like to share this link to get casback. Usually we buy things where got c
ZALORA has a MasterCard Thursday promotion where you can get 7% off sitewide. It is not applicable on non-sale brands and valid on Thursdays.
Whenever we go to market, our son always have some demand. This time, he has a demanded a football field set that costs Rs 17000. How do we make him understand that he cannot get whatever he wants? Sh
I hope this will work on your family too. Instead of buying stuff, make them to work and earn toys. If they helps with house chores, they will get points. Then if the points reached, they can ask for
Yes, I think telling your child a bit about finances might be good in the long run. You can tell him that certain things are too expensive for your family to buy. Another option is to make your child
Anyone interested in the Belly Belt (Wardrobe Extender Kit)? Combo kit contains: - 2 Button Up BellyBelts in different sizes - 2 Slide BellyBelts in different sizes - 3 polyester/cotton panels (blu
have pic?
Huggies little swimmer's are great!
what's this?
Thanks for the link, will check them out!
Can you post some photos please? Thanks!
Been thinking of buying pre-loved items at different bazaars because they say that aside from beung cheap, quality is good despite despite being used already by other people. What's your take on buyin
Preloved toys, books, strollers, are good enough. There are lots of parents selling things that are still in good condition and at 50% cheaper or more on carousell.
Hi, I prefer to buy preloved branded item. Such as baby toys Fisher Price and Leapfrog brand. New toys is so expensive and baby get boring easily playing with it.
It's fine with me as long as it's in EUC or VGUC atleast
It depends on what kind of items you are buying. Used clothes not so much for me. But big ticket items like cot, stroller, i will consider getting second hand
I can consider both. All I'm after is the quality of the item. Most of the time, I prefer the branded ones, but if there are unbranded with really good quality, then why not?
Anyone have discount code or coupon for iherb? Pls share iherb discount vouchers here!
hey not sure how much this can help you.. but just try here
Let’s save together with iHerb code ZTH725
use code TIN1897 for 5% discount on all your orders 😊
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Thanks Denise :)
Anyone have lazada discount code or coupon? Pls share lazada discount vouchers here!
Find latest Lazada vouchers, exclusive coupons, Lazada app discount codes and all credit cards lazada offers at one place. Visit - I always use coupon
There is no lazada discount code but i would like to share this link to get casback. Usually we buy things where got cashback back!?! No harm checkinxg out as there
I don't have much LAZADA discount code. But these are the ways i try to get as much discount as i can on LAZADA. Use lazada mobile app to enjoy FREE shipping Every monday use mastercard for paym
Use "WowApp5" to get $5 off! Use it on their app and get diapers on promotions! I recently got 3 packs of GOO.N pulled up diapers (size L) at $49 after discount hehe.
Anyone babies born on Christmas Day and if you celebrate you lo first birthday, where to find those event planner to help ?
Facebook has plenty of people doing it. There is a mom on Parent town providing this service. If you are keen do let me know.
Me and my sister we plan birthdays from making the cake to decorations, invites, organizing game and many more if your interested in us planing your kids birthday party please email me or contact us o
Me and my sister we plan birthday from making the cake to decorations, invites, organizing game and many more if your interested in us planing your kids birthday party please email me or contact us on
Moslty on Google or Facebook ☺️
You could try smaller start ups if you're worried that the bigger party planners are not available. Try -- they are awesome and very affordable. Plus they are a young team, so they
Which is cheaper shop to buy new born baby dress ?
Kiddy palace have a whole range of Newborn clothes and is comfy and not so ex... and u can try to see from fox kids too they usually got discount if u have posb card and be member u can get point and
Cotton on kids.
H&m - now they having sale, u can see if got any. Babyfairs - which happen monthly. Carter's - on singsale or upcoming 11.11 or Black Friday should have v good deals - but they tend to be on the small
H&M has really nice dresses and they are affordable.