How often do you buy clothes and shoes for your kids?

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I do not buy on regular basis, but if there is a good deal or if I like something really nice, I buy impulsively. On an average I think four times a year or may be more we shop for my kids shoes. And there is no set month or days for shopping. We get carried away seeing cute clothes for kids, more than they do.

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Hi, I have realised that I buy my daughter shoes when there is need for them. Like, the other day there was a birthday party that she had to attend and we realised that she doesn't have shoes to match with the dress. So, it was an impromptu shopping of shoes. ;)

When my baby was like 1 to 3 months, almost every other week we buy clothes for her. But now that she's 1 year and 4 months already, we just relay on the hand overs from friends and relatives.

I seldom buy clothes and shoes for my kid. Most of her clothes were gifts during her first birthday. We only go out on weekends so she doesn't need much.

No specific schedule. As needed and if may occasions syempre. Or if may talagang nagustuhan ako na hindi ko kaya na hindi bilhin for them.

kapag masikip na sa kaniya ang damit niya , tyaka lang ako bbili. mabilis naman paglakihan ni LO ang mga damit niya

kapag maliliit na yung karamihan nyang damit😊 madami kasi nalalakihan lang din agad pag bili ng bili

just once a month. that was b4 they turned 1 and pangbahay lang mga yun. kasi bihira nmn kami lumabas

luckily, lahat ng damit ni baby ko bigay. But when I see sale, napapabili pero onti lang. haha

Kapag po sikip at sobrang worn out na ng sapatos ng anak ko doon pa lang ako bumibili.