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Can feed 1yr old baby with beef? Can anyone advice how to cook?
minced beef is a good option. unless you want to make beef stew with potato and carrots I'll go with a slow cooker as it is able to make the meat really soft.
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I would cook it the way I would eat it. So baby gets used to the flavors and I won't have problems feeding them with what we adults usually eat. And that actually worked for my kids. Just make sure th
beef usually gets pretty hard when its been cooked for too long. For a start you can try minced beef porridge? Add some mirin to tenderize the meat for baby can eat better
Any mummy give their lo brown rice.. What brand is good?
I give red rice instead since 7 Mths. My boy has skipped porridge n went on to rice directly
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I gave since 6 mth old.. think any brand is ok. I started with polished brown rice.. then like when she is 1 liao then started adding some red brown rice in.. I bought organic brown rice..
any actually. Natural is a common choice - I use that too. I give a mix of white n brown. Babies take a v small portion only actually so no need to be too particular
My girl is 9 months old.. Last 2 days she had high fever up to 39.. Have seen pd after medicine she recover but now after she recover she body is full of rashes.. Is it normal..
Is normal. Even i oso get that after a high fever and cough and flu.. Admit to hospital when i was 4mth preg. Come hm whole body rashes...
Hi yes the rashes is normal . Some call it Rosela . Dont worry it go off after a few days and no medicine needed . Let your lo stay hydrate
My boy has this once after a high fever. Is normal and is like teleasing the body toxin out.
Yup it's normal , it will go off by itself , but if you worry you can see pd again , hope your girl recover soon
Hi Mommy, After high fever babies do get rashes, also known as Roseola. It generally starts with sudden high fever. It is caused by a virus. It is common and harmless among children between 6 months
Currently bb is 8mth still on breast feeding.. Just to check wz mummy here as baby now sleep through out the night(last feed abt 9plus10).does mummy wake up middle of the night to pump out n store up.
It's up to you. I stopped MOTN pumping at around 4-5 months because my supply was more than enough without that pump (my lo sttn from 6 weeks). I reduced my pumps from 6 times to 5 times to now 4 time
I didn't as I'm a Sahm and I DL my lo on demand. So I decided to let her nursing requirements regulate my supply and I decided that sleep and rest at that point in time was essential for my mental hea
Hi yes you need to wake up and pump at least once even if your baby is sleeping through. If you don't supply will start to decrease too and won't it be uncomfortable to sleep with very full boobs? It
hi, yes, you need to wake up and pump and store. at least once or twice depending if u want to maintain ur production. there are 2 concepts to pumping/using ur boobs. one method is by counting the hou
Is organic food completely free from pesticides
Organic which usually refers to organic produce are from cleaner farming practises which does not involve or restricts the amount and type of pesticides and fertilisers used in the farming process. It
Nope. It has less pesticide and made from natural pesticide like dụng
There are many foods which r organic ,which type of foods shd buy organic.. and must i store them differently?
The “dirty dozen” is a term used by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to describe produce most contaminated with pesticides. It includes apples, celery, strawberries, sweet bell peppers, lettuce,
Issit safe to buy organic produce/ food from other countries ?
Yes definitely. Especially Japan, New Zealand and Australia. These counties hardly have genetically modified food.
Are organic food safer, more nutritious(contain more vitamin) more natural (taste better) for kids.
Buy some organic tomatoes and non organic ones, and do a blind test on your kinds and family... I'm 100% sure they'll find the organic one tasting better!
This question remains controversial, as some studies have shown organic foods to be more nutritious than non-organic, while other studies have shown similar health benefits for both. What is very clea
My friend told me that cod liver oil is no good for kid..cod oil is better.. issit true.. can any mummy advice..
Both my toddlers (5, 2.5) have been consuming cod liver oil (original) since they turned 1 yo. They rarely fall sick as compared to the other children. I will think that other than supplements, the ch
Both are 2 different oils even though they might come from the same type of fish and have a similar fatty acid profile. Cod or fish oil in general is extracted from the flesh of tuna, herring, cod
Baby coming 6 month.. but recently she refuse to drink milk.. any mummy baby like tis? wat u do to prevent her from getting hungry
My boy have this also, I try nestle baby banana cerel 2 spoon and mix with milk for him. Hope this help you.
How long has this been happening? Does she drink milk any other time of the day? Has she been ill lately? One of the reasons why babies refuse to eat is that they may be uncomfortable or is sick. I fi
Since she is turning 6 months, are you considering starting her on solid foods? This could supplement her diet since she doesn't seem to be drinking as much milk as before. You can start feeding her p