How much weight did you put on in total from start to end of pregnancy?

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I gained 10-12kg for my first two pregnancies (about 50kg before delivering my baby). Right after birth I lose around 4kg. I took 3-4 months to return to my pre-pregnancy weight. Healthy weight gain during pregnancy is between 11.5kg-16kg according to the chart shown.

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No1 : From 54.6 up down to 53kg and up to 65.8kg. No2 : Before i manage to shear away that extra 5kg due to breastfeeding, as i got big appetite. Start with 60.6kg

I was 69 before getting pregnant, then lost 4 kgs on the first months. Now I’m at my 37 week and my weight is 70 kgs circa

Pre pregnancy weight 102lbs, right before giving birth, 114lbs, a month after giving birth 96lbs and now a year after 90lbs

I put on about 14.5 kgs, lost about 9.5 kgs in the first two months and down to the pre-pregnancy weight in 5 months.

#1 - gained 8kg. Healthy baby @ 3.6kg #2 - currently at 36 weeks. Gained 7kg so far. Baby estimated at 3kg already.

I put on almost 20kg :'( Almost 7 months post delivery and I'm almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

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I am very thin and mom of 4. I was only able to put on 8kgs or less during all my pregnancies.

Currently 36 weeks pregnant and have gained 12kg, baby only about 2.5kg though.

I put on about 15 kgs in my first pregnancy and 17 kgs in my second pregnancy