How much weight did you put on during pregnancy?

How much weight did you put on during your pregnancy? My original bmi pre-pregnancy was 19. Put on 7kg at 20w and it seemed like too much based on online pregnancy charts. Slightly conscious on how to lose the weight post pregnancy… #1stimemom #pregnancy #firstbaby

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17 KG. I went from XS to XL and my baby only weighed 2.6 kg (40w) 🥹 Currently 4.5m PP, exclusive pumping & eating normally, no time to exercise 😅. Managed to lose 15 kg. I would say don’t be too bothered by the weight. During my confinement I was so bothered by my weight that it remained stagnant. Subsequently I got so busy with baby and couldn’t be bothered and ate what I like, I managed to shed off the weight faster 😃

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20kg!! I was 54kg final weight before delivery was 74kg. My baby is full term but only weighted 2.5kg, I had bad water retention. I’m 15weeks pp, 57kg now. haven’t started to exercise yet, just 3 meals and light walks.Not forgetting, i breastfeed and pump bm regularly too.

Pre-pregnancy BMI is 21. First child, gained 15kg in total and managed to lose all of it. Currently 26W and gained 5kg so far. The lower your initial BMI, it is okay to gain a lot. As long you know you are eat healthily with proper portions there shouldn't an issue.

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i put on 14kg. but don’t worry too much at this point or try to lose weight.. most impt is your baby is doing well . there are good pp ways to lose weight :)

as long as doctor didn't say anything on your weight gain, should be fine.. most importantly baby and mother healthy.. weight losing can stress after give birth :)

don’t worry about the weight gain, most impt is a healthy baby and happy mummy. weight can be lost after giving birth!

U will put on more in the 3rd trim cos baby grows very quickly. Just continue to eat well and move as much as u can.


Total weight gain for 2 pregnancy around 8kg, both born at 3 n 3.1kg

i was 39kg , now i am 55kg 😢 currently just 27w …