Pregnancy weight gain and reduction

How much pregnancy weight did you gain? How did you reduce it.Please share your experience with me. #pregnancyweight #weightloss

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Gained almost 12kg for entire pregnancy. I lost most of it during confinement, which was about 8-9kg. My confinement was during circuit breaker and I didn't really get my post partum massage.. It could be because I was active all the way till the day I delivered. I did a variety of exercises, including swimming, yoga, circuit training with small weights. I also still played badminton in my first trimester (every pregnancy is different but I had minimal symptoms and always rested when i needed to). I am not sure if binding helped because I wore one right after I delivered. My tummy flattened in a week but I still have excess fat/skin around, everything feels soft). I'm 7weeks pp and my weight loss has been stagnant. I'm just letting the weight drop with time, as I'm also concerned if I'm too obsessed with dropping the weight by going calorie deficit, I won't keep up with my breastfeeding supply.

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Only gained 11kg but I was petite to begin with, so the weight gain was not so obvious. Lost 3kg after two weeks of giving birth. Didn’t do anything to reduce the weight. Just traditional postnatal massage with the binder for tummy.

10kg, then after birth I lost about 5kg. Remaining weight during confinement when I ate slightly lesser and have more rest and then breastfeeding. But still fluctuate around there like 2 to 3kg more before pregnancy.

1st preg 8kg. Lost most of it immediately aft delivery. Last 2 kg within a week coz of breastfeeding. Became lighter than pre preg 2 months pp. 2nd preg now 32 weeks about 4/5 kg gain...

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I gained 16 kg, lost 12kg in about 6 months just from breastfeeding. The last 4kg still cannot lose after 1.5 years 😭 and even gained back 2kg recently

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5kg so far and currently 34 weeks pregnant. But...Minus baby's weight, waterbag, placenta etc. not sure what's the actual i gained tho.

0 weight gain... Currently 33 weeks , no weight gain. But no worries dear, gain or not mother’s love the best! Xoxo.

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13.5 kg. Lost 10 kg 2 weeks after delivery. Didn’t lose the remaining 3.5 kg but instead gained another 2 kg 😭

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8kg. Lose naturally... I walk alot and eat a balanced diet. The tummy fats harder to lose so I did planking/sit up

Gained 15kg, currently i have lost 5kg, not sure if it’s partly due to breastfeeding