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How much total weight gain did you experience during pregnancy? #firstbaby #pregnancy

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My ideal weight is 50kg because I'm a tall lady 😜 I gained 10kg (60kg) with my first child, a daughter but I lose 15kg after birth and then I gained 25kg (70kg) with my second child, a son but I lose back like automatic. I didn't do anything, no supplements etc I didn't even do post natal massage. I have high metabolism. I am currently pregnant with my third child (another daughter) and I gained like 5kg only, I'm 55kg now... third trimester.

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3mo ago

ahh isee...so I guess mine slow metabolism..😅

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A whooping 5kg gain & im only 7weeks+. I’m now 59kg, 160cm. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I don’t have morning sickness, but night sickness rather. So my appetite is big during the daytime. With the weight gained, I’m feeling super tired & lazy too. I’m controlling what I eat now..

2nd pregnancy with lil boy. 1st Trim: lost 3-5kg cos of morning sickness, weighed about 48kg 2nd Trim: thankfully started gaining appetite and weighed about 54-55kg 3rd Trim: now 34w3d, Im at my heaviest I've ever been, 58kg 🥰

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6kg for the first, 4kg for my second (came out at 36 weeks though). And now -1kg at 17weeks for my third.

Was 46kg before pregnant. Now I’m weighing 53kg at 29wks pregnancy.

Was at 50? Drop to 46 then add 10

total 8kg, lost 2kg after birth

21kg at 36 Weeks 😑😑

0. I even lost weight. Lol

Week 38, 14kg gained🤭