If you could only save one person from drowning, who would you save first? Your child, your Wife or your Mother?

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My child first. That's what we have come to a conclusion with my wife. Because she can't live without our child and perhaps in logically way the child is younger and would live longer than my Wife and my Mother. Anyway please make sure they go near the water at the same time to avoid this difficult situation!!

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My child. As a parent, it is my responsibility to protect him from any harm no matter what it takes. Setting aside the responsibility, I love my child more than anything in the world, so I will save him first before anybody else.

This is a ridiculous question to ask in this forum. What insight is this giving you other than satisfying your own morbid curiosity?

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I have a daughter in law who doesn't want children and believes that all love is the same, her love for ones mother would be no different than love for ones child. That's why I believe that this sort of dilemma could show the difference..

if i was a man I save my wife I know is cruel but my wife is the person that stay with me to I old. we can have more children if I save her.

Would definitely save my child because he is small and he would be scared. My wife would do the same and the kid means the world to us.

I'm not a dad but if I were, I'd save my child because I know that is what my partner and my mother would want me to do.

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I am a mom and I would definitely save my child because he is our life and our joy and we love him to the max.

i will save my child first and i believe my wife and my mum will do that too .

Who would you save your father or mother?

Save my child