How many months before your baby due date you will buy or get those products that needed ?

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Smaller items from late second tri, bigger items from third trimester :) Buying a few items each week so I don't feel so overwhelmed. Also for big ticket items, I did check that I can get all the deliveries in 3-4 weeks before I reach 37 weeks so that we have time to set up the nursery/ car seat. I did buy things like carrier and milk bottle sterilizer bundle much earlier when I saw really good deals. My personal cut off for getting (most of the basic) items is 37 weeks, so at least we'll be minimally prepared if the baby arrives earlier).

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I started buying ever since I knew I was pregnant 😂 But you usually feel better in the 2nd trimester, and have more energy to buy things. You might feel heavy and tired in the 3rd trimester again, so it might be more difficult to set things up. I wanted to be very hands on in preparing the baby things, so when I was 5 months pregnant, I also bought wall stickers to do up the whole room. Heh.

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I buy bit by bit every month during my payday. On the day my baby came out, everything was available. Pls get everything before baby comes out as you won't have time to buy during confinement.

I got the heavier items such as cot during the second trimester and the lighter stuffs such as clothes during the early 3rd trimester as you need to wash before baby's arrival.


I got things prepared only in 30 weeks. Before that survey around know what suit you best as there are too many baby product in the market.

Family start buying in the mid of 2nd trim.. we buy during our 3rd trim for heavy stuff like sterilizer, mattress and so

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Mid of my 3rd trimester I hv buy almost all necessary things

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started buying in second trimester but bit by bit.

Started slowly buying at second trimester

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I start accumulating during 2nd semester