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Is it true that normally first child will give birth 1 to 2 weeks early before the expected EDD due date? When do you gave birth to your first child?

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Not true, both my cousin’s girls born 3 and 5 days past their EDD respectively. Both had to c-sect cause the first one had already pooped inside after being induced and it was very dangerous. 2nd one was because no contractions felt as well so had to c-sect due to previous record.

Our EDD is just an estimated date. Only a few percentage give birth on their EDD. Normally its between 37 weeks - 39weeks. I gave birth to all my children between 36 & 37 weeks. My 1st child was born at 37 weeks

My lo is born 3 weeks earlier as my water leak, gave birth to a healthy girl weighing 3.2kg via emergency csect. baby is still considered as full term baby born at 37weeks. It varies for all mummies :)

It all depends on respective mummies, to see if their body is prepared and ready to do the BIG PuSH. So it's best to check with gynae.... for my case it was exact 38weeks as gauge by my gynae

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True for me, gave birth 1 week prior edd. However, edd is just a estimate date. Everytime I go for my gynae check up, the edd is always changing (by a day or two)..

not true i would say. Depend when baby want to come out. my first came out 3days b4 EDD while 2nd 3days after EDD. So now waiting for 3rd, ticking time bomb. 🤭

Not for me. She was 4days late. Same goes for #2 & #3. Only #4 was right on his due date. #5 still baking, due in 2 months time.

quite true, mine is born on 37weeks full term, cause of my medical conditions but the due date 2 weeks after (:

hi dear I gave birth to my first at 40weeks full term fully developed . she was overdue infact but all is fine


36 weeks for mine I had contraction at 34 weeks was told not to hold too long cause my contraction keep coming