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How to make baby's hair thick and black after shaving. I heard some kind of tonic do

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My daughter hair is naturally very thick and dark and she's only 1 month. I do not use anything though. She's the only one with that kind of hair among all her cousins. I think it's genetic, my elder sister babies has a very fine hair because her husband hair is damn fine. I simply wash my baby hair with Ph balance shampoo every day.

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Hair thickness is by genetic so I doubt anything helps. Don't put stuff in baby's hair unnecessarily since their skin is still sensitive, except natural oils maybe but those most likely won't help

Applying coconut oil or olive oil on baby’s hair after shower daily helps in hair growth.

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Just apply oil , no need to apply tonics for small kids..

coconut oil


olive oil


Don't thk so

3y ago

Did u do anything to make it thick and dark.

Personally don’t think so or recommended to put tonic on baby’s head... Hair growth is based on genes. Some babies hair growth slower but later part will grow a lot. Some born with lots of hair. So don’t think it’s a concern for babies.