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Hi mummies, anyone follow the traditional custom of shaving your baby's hair for the one month celebration? My LO had his hair shaved but up till now, his hair doesn't seem to be growing at a fast rate. His head is full of hair when newborn. For mummies who had their LO hair shaved, how long did it take for their full head of hair to grow?

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Have you try to shave 1 more time. My 2nd boy also after first shave hair like not growing much, mil ask me to apply some wine. It turn out grown abit. But i do heard some parents told me to shave 1more time so i try. Now seems much more.

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Hi mummy! My LO is the same. A lot of hair when born but I shaved it on her 1St month. Then as it didn't grow well, I shave it at her 4th month. Now she's 16 months and it's nice looking already! Definitely needs patience for the hair to grow!

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Yup! Me too!

Nope. I insisted on not following that as I've read that shaving the baby's hair when so young, might hurt the scalp. And my niece had hers shaved, her hair didn't grow much until after 2 year old.

My LO did not have her hair shaved after 1 month old. Her hair did not grow evenly. After bring her to saloon for hair cut (that was after 4 months ++), her hair grow evenly and normally till now.

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Never shaved. First baby’s hair took a long time to grow, second’s baby hair was faster. Heh. I’m fine with that. No rush. Don’t need to go cut their hair during this time too 😂

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Agree mummy!

I’m not shaving my LO’s. My mum shaved mine when I was a baby and it took 2 years to grow out fine. After she shaved, it started to grow in patches. No thanks for me lol

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Everyone to me shave my girl's hair. But when she was born her hair was consider really need. So I didnt shave and let her hair just grow :)!

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Shaved only at 8months. I dont think shaving helps hair grow faster, it just makes hair grow even


Took about 5 months now still some part not growing well. Shave when baby 4 month old.

Mine still growing after shaving during one month old