baby full or not

how to know if baby had enough milk from breastfeeding? he falls asleep at breast but still with breast in mouth. if i never remove it, he can hold onto it till he deep sleep. if i remove he is also ok. so how do i know he is full?? i usually let him suckle 15-20min. TIA!

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Depends a bit on how old. If your baby is very young you might want to make sure they feed longer. For an older baby I usually wait until I know he’s only doing non-nutritive sucking. Let him suck a bit then take it out. At least that’s what o do with my 6 month old. Sometimes if I didn’t take it out he would keep sucking for a very long time.

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Lactation consultant told me if baby sucks efficiently it should only take 15 minutes to empty the breast. Afterward if he's still sucking it's probably only for comfort, which is not a bad thing. If you don't mind, just let him latch for as long as he likes as it helps build up supply too :)

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Falling asleep at the breast is quite common:) if he’s easy to unlatch after the 20minutes, he’s probably happy for now. If he’s hungry, he’ll want to latch back

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just to tag on, what does it mean when baby keeps pulling at nipple? like, quite forcefully then sometimes nipple will pop out of mouth. then insert nipple back and baby sucks again. does it mean there’s no more milk so baby was frustrated?

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How old is baby now? It’s pretty normal baby will fall asleep!

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2months going to 3

Well you can see the cues if your baby had enough.