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My baby is 1 mth old. He is currently on milk formula and feeding at 90ml each feed. He drinks every 2.5 hourly, about 10 feeds each day. How would I know if he is feeding enough or underfeed? When do I increase his milk intake? I was also thinking abt increasing the milk intake for the feed at night so he can sleep longer. But I am not sure if I will be giving him too much

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To know whether they having enough milk has to be based on their diaper output. Like 6-8 wee wee diaper and 3 poo poo diaper

Following your post! Wanna know too. But mine 90ml 2hourly.

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When my LO was 4-6weeks old I only give him 70ml 2 hourly. Until he ask for milk every hourly I slowly increase to 90ml 2 hourly

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So long weight growth is fine.

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You can roughly gauge if lo is under feed. Eg cry for more milk or mouth still moving, moving their heads from side to side , opening their mouths (action can tell wants more milk) Baby will know when they are full. If overfeed, will vomit out. So have to slowly increase his intake. You can start slowly increasing by 10ml first. Then you observe.

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