How do I thaw frozen purees? I understand that I should take out from the freezer the night before and place it in the refrigerator. When it's time to feed baby, do I just take the puree out and serve cold or do I have to heat it up? And in the event whereby I forgot to take out from freezer the night before, what's the best way to thaw it immediately? Thanks!

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You can thaw it by putting it in a bowl of hot water (I use hot water from my flask). You can also use a microwave under medium heat in 15 secs increments (to stir) so that the puree don't get too hot Personally, I prefer to feed my kids warm puree rather than out from the fridge. Again using same method, I put the container under hot water in a bowl to warm the puree.

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Yes, best to remove from freezer and warm it up in a hot bowl of water or bottle warmer if your container is able too. I totally agree with Yvonne, not to microwave it. Microwaving means reheating at the same time it will cook the food gently and take away all nutrients. Keep it short and simple is the best.

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Yeah I thaw it by putting into a bowl of hot water too. Depending on how u want to feed the puree for fruits puree I just take it out from the fridge so they will be served cold ... Veg puree I will add into the warm cereal then the puree will auto be warm ;)

Hi, I also thaw it by putting it in a bowl of hot water (from hot water flask) for about 30 mins. I would try to prepare it in advance of feeding and as far as possible avoid microwaving it.

Riding on this post so i can thaw it using bottle warmer right then feed immediately?