Hello Mummies I have a question how do we store out Breastmilk in two door fridge freezer. 1) Do we usually fill up the storage bag till full with milk then take out from the fridge thaw within 24hr to consume(afraid that the balance milk will go wasted cause is not the exact amout bby drinking) OR We filled up all e bag eg to 80ml easier for me as baby drink that amount just thaw and ready to drink no need keep pouring to make right amount but problem is as weeks go by baby intake will increase and all the frozen will be at 80ml 2)i read up that chilled milk that kept (3-8days) is better than those frozen milk that we stored Could mummies advice me the best way to store the milk Thank You!

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Many ways of doing it. U can do like what the walker ladies suggest or what some do is like the fm way. - store in 60ml, then just feed one/2 bags. So for ur case will be bags of 80. I dun have that much milk and sometimes milk strike and start solids, growth spurts etc, makes the drinking a bit erratic sometimes. So I have all these ebm of various amounts (sometimes u manage to pump more or less) and then will just combine and give baby to what I think he will drink. I try to match the closest (round down) and then if he is sill hungry too up w fm(so that no need waste bm, and also provided u are ok w fm) Chilled milk is definitely better than frozen milk (duration that can be kept in fridge various greatly from different websites and practices)

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Hello mummy, 1) u can store bm milk for ur convenient (e.g. 80ml to 120ml). Remember to flatten the storage bag and keep the air and bubble out. 2) chilled bm is always better then frozen bm. Chilled bm can store up to 3 day but after that, you can store those unused in storage bag and make it frozen bm. To thaw bm.. u just take the frozen bm down to the chilled door as you can left it there the night before. Whatever bm thaw, it have to be consume within 24hrs. Hope this helps.

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I store in bags of 200ml. My LO currently drinks 150ml, so I will mix 100ml of FBM with 50ml of EBM. So, 1 bag is good for 2 feeds. If you're planning to store in exact amounts maybe you want to put in bags of 80ml then later slowly increasing the amount because their intake will also increase as they grow. With anything frozen, I think it does lose a little of its nutritional value over time.

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Hi dear, i usually take what i need. So baby drinks 150ml. I fil storage bag up to 150ml. Then ill freeze and take out only what i need the next time. Once taken out ill use them immediately.

I’m filling up to 120-150ml easier for my MIL to feed my boy.