I know the proper way to thaw frozen milk is overnight in the fridge; but if I forget to do it the night before, can I just thaw the frozen milk in a bowl of hot water?

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You can hold it under running water - start with cool water and slowly increase the temperature for quicker thawing. Once it has thawed, you can warm it up like usual. This Avent bottle warmer model is able to warm up frozen breast milk but it takes quite a while. http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/milkstorage/milkstorage/

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Actually when I'm in a rush and I forgot about thawing milk I put it in hot water to thaw. It's best to thaw it by running tap water over it or if you need the thawing to be faster run warm water over it. http://www.parents.com/baby/care/american-baby-how-tos/freezing-breast-milk/

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you can put the bottles/bag in a bowl of water and continue to put in the fridge, it wil fasten the thawing process also.

Thanks Jamie and Stephanie! Didn't think of those 2 methods!