How can I encourage my baby to crawl? He is 8m and seems to have a very passive personality. If his toys are out of reach, he will try to extend his hands to reach but if cant he will just settle without them. tried all mthds to put his fave toys nearer/ further away and not pick out toys for him but none works. He also doesn't pass objects from hand to hand & dislike holding on objects. the only thing he can hold really well is his milk bottles during feeds. Any one face similar situation too? The pd doesn't seems very worried about it but I am!

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Typically a baby will learn to crawl between 6 to 12 months. Every baby develops differently. If he is not "motivated" by his toys, you can also try to encourage him by being his "model". Try being on all fours when playing with him. Babies often learn by mirroring the people around them. Seeing you crawl around may pique his interest and start modeling after you when he is ready. Hope this helps.

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I crawl together with my baby. yes, it does sounds funny. when I see that she has the signs of crawling, I guide her. I place her on the playmat, and I'll crawl around to show her.. slowly, I'll lift up her butt, and see if she wants to. if not let her be on tummy time. it takes time. slowly. some babies skipped crawling stage.

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Babies have their own pace of development so don't worry. Try putting his favourite toy or even food like finger food or biscuits. Play some music or nursery rhyme when he is trying to crawl because that helps. Crawling is achieve even when their usage of left and right brain can balance and music helps in that

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Every child is different. Some are fast and some are slow. If Yr PD isn't worried, nothing to be worried a time. If u r the person whom Yr BB looks forward to, you can be the bait. I do that often and with assistance from the daddy, he will try running towards me at the age of 8 mths old.

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try with something that interest him the most (eg: milk bottle, food, etc)... can try placing some toys that produce sound as it may also interest him to crawl towards most impt of all.. neednt worry too much all LO are different in growing.. u will be surprise with the sudden move..

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Try it with his favourite items. Otherwise just let it go. Some babies don't crawl and go straight to walking. And that's fine. I'll say let baby develop at his own pace and enjoy the moment. Don't worry about it.

Try placing his milk bottle there instead of a toy. If he seems receptive to just the milk bottle this method might attract him to crawl to grab what he really wants!

I motivated my boy to crawl over by standing at the other side of the playyard and call out to him. I said "mummy wants to carry you but cant reach you.."

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I was worried as u. My first 2 kids walked by latest 11mo but my 3rd child was not crawling and walking by then. She crawled at 11mo and walked by 14mo.

Just place a variety of objects to see what catches his interest .. maybe u can also demo with him how to crawl thru play.. kids pick up rather fast