My 9m baby is still not holding on toys with 2 hands and even with one hand he is unable to hold toys bigger than his palms. But no issues with those small toys like rattles, spectacles etc that are easy to grab. He does hold milk bottle with both hands during feeds but other than that he refuses to hold the bottle. Do u think I need to be concerned ? As for other milestones, he can roll and sit well and stand leaning on sofa for support but not yet crawl. Character wise he is very laid back

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Every child is different. But if you had hypothyroid during pregnancy, best to have baby rechecked if your worried

Mummy. Don't stress. Each child is different in growing. As long as he's healthy and has his 5 senses working, don't fret too much.

7y ago

Every child is different , my gal can stand when she was 7mths old but my boy only can stand when he was 10 mths with support , so let them learn , once they are ready they will do it ,don't worry mummy jia you