How do you handle an annoying neighbor?

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We have an annoying neighbor and he (and his mother & the rest of his family) intentionally do things to annoy us. We already had a confrontation before but they persisted with their bullying. We then reported the to the baranggay. They became aware of it kaya ngayon, medyo tame down na sila.

I always make it a point to talk to them in a calm and polite manner. It's very important for them to see your perspective of things. However, if that doesn't work, you can always seek the help of your barangay and other neighbors.

If it's a subdivision. 1st, I will talk to them about the problem pero kung wala parin I'm going to report it to HOA.

Open up your concern with the Home Association officials. If hindi makinig, call 911 or Barangay.