How do you handle emotional abuse from husband?

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Honestly, I believe it's too much to handle. It's like your life is a roller coaster ride everyday. You have to weigh your priorities and ask yourself if you are willing to have that kind of life for the rest of your married life OR stay away from it as early as possible. I know some women who choose to deal with it just to keep the marriage for different reasons. But if you ought to do the right thing, Samantha is correct. You don't have to suffer this kind of torture. You always have an option to leave.

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For me, the only answer to this is: you DON'T handle/tolerate ANY form of abuse from your spouse. You get away from them, and if it is serious you have to report them.

Ideally, you shouldn't. But we can't tell really why some wives choose to stay. They have their own reasons, and most of the time it's because of the kids.