Do you have disagreements about money ? How did you handle it ?

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We do. I now handle all the budget and manage all the bills and other expenses. He sometimes questions the breakdown of the expenses even though we've never had extreme problems so far when it comes to finances because he knows I always and can always find a way. Now, we let each other handle our personal money aside from the common budget we have for the entire family.

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Yes, we do. That's why my husband and I discuss from time to time our issues regarding finances, including budgeting and priorities. If we have different opinion, we discuss the pros and cons of each and we compromise.

We do also but i admire my husband how he manage our finances he is very good in budgeting. I admit im not good at money thats why he was meant for me to fill out my lackings..

Yes we do. We try not to make each other feel that were blaming one another. Instead, we look at the problem and try to come up with ways to solve it.