how to encourage (more) my toddler to speak, he's turning 3 this year and all he can say is the colors, car, bus, etc. mostly one word. my husband refuse to consult a speech therapist.

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How did you interact with him when he was younger? Did he always get the chance to interact with people who would usually talk to him? You have to consider the factors on why there is a delayed in speech. If he was left with a nanny, you also need to know how the nanny was to him while you guys were away. At his age, it's best to consult a specialist. I have some friends with kids who have speech delay. The most common reason is when the kids were left with the nanny, the nanny usually puts them to sleep so she could do something else. There's not much of interaction majority of the time on a day-to-day basis.

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I totally agree with Faye. You need to let him interact with kids his own age and you also have to talk to him most of the time. Furthermore, encourage your kid to talk to you like when he wants something, ask him to say the words properly. As SAHM we tend to know our kids needs with just signals or changes in behavior but it would be best if you teach him to tell you what he wants.

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Is he the only child in your family? if so, I believe you should try to expose him with his fellow toddler. You can bring her to playground or any place other from your home. But most importantly, have the time to converse, read books with him. If he's into playing gadgets or ipads, limit it so that he'll not going to depend on vocabulary on those repetitive videos in ipad.

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6y ago

thanks faye. yes he is the only child in the family. im a sahm and i always talk to him like im talkig to a 7yearold boy but he will just look at me but when i asked him to do something, he'll do it naman.

we can encourage toddler to speak by joining public kiddie activities, any,as long as it can be helpful in effective to him,and also the baby will not only know how to speak but to know the good behavior of the environment.. but theres a baby who are late to speak, but for the long run,you will see the development in his/her speaking.

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that's tough, I have a friend who was forced to bring his daughter to speech therapist at that age. I'd say, continue to talk to your kid. Talk about anything, talk to him straight and no baby talk as much as possible.