How do you wind down a very playful and active baby before bedtime? I've tried massages, but she doesn't like being on her back so she ends up crawling all over the bed. I've tried books as well, but she sees them as toys. Help!

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I find that switching off the lights work well for me. A dark and cosy room, perhaps with some classical music, helps to wind my baby down and soothe her frazzled mood. You might need to carry your baby close to you and rock her gently to sleep. My baby is cranky when she is tired, so that's what I usually do. It's quite effective for me. Lavender oil also helps in calming your baby down. You could get it from Young Living and see how it helps your child.

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I have a fixed routine for my son. What I do is, before his bedtime, he bath & changes to his PJs before his sister reads a storybook for him. By then, he would be in his bouncer and I would start rocking him. Once he starts fussing, I would pick up him and carry him in my room where it's dark and put him down on his sides with his pacifier in his mouth. I'd sing nursery songs and pat him bum bum and it takes only about 5 minutes for him to sleep.

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Lay side by side or rock her face to face and gently whisper to her about the day you e shared as you play with her hair or rub noses , works once you find her favorite, my son LOVED,LOVES. .me to scratch him it is how I know he is sleepy now instesf of how I make him settle. Loll he is so funny and serious about hid itchytime,hair, arms neck

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A fixed and established routine is the key. I usually showrr my boy at about 5.30pm. Fetch my older from school be home by 6.30pm. Older boy showers. Dinner time for the family, watch tv and play toys. Brush teeth, story time then lights off. And we lights off between 8pm to 8.30pm. So by 9pm my younger one is asleep.

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