Dear mummies.. I'm a first time bf-ing mum.. As I've started work, my mil will be taking care of my gal.. I've been pumping enough milk for her to bottle feed my daughter.. However, after a week, when i went over to stay over, I try to latch my daughter but she doesn't want to latch at all.. she totally reject my boobs and although she's very very hungry and keeps crying.. She doesn't want to latch on my boobs at all.. How can I get her to latch on and bottle feed at the same time?

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I think you will need to keep trying. I've read articles that suggest having more skin-to-skin contact with baby (regardless whether she latches or not) may help. Another suggestion is to latch baby when she is sleepy or switching from bottle to breast halfway through the bottle feeding. You can refer to this article for more information:

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maybe your baby is experiencing nipple confusion?? this article may be able to help ba