How do parents get rid of devices (both theirs and their kids') these days? It seems like any outing with the kids, as beautifully planned, is us watching them or even ourselves consumed with the iPhone or iPad. How do you have time without it being a hinderance?

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Create healthy phone boundaries for both parents & their kids: 1 ) Take Stock of Your Actual Phone Needs . 2) Involve the Kids in a Family Discussion About Appropriate Smartphone Use. 3) Write and Post Smartphone Rules Where Everyone Can See Them. 4) Give Kids Ten Minutes of Undivided Positive Attention. 5) Understand, Admit, & Overcome FOMO (fear of missing out) 6) Consider Your Habit Triggers. 7) Designate a Box or Drawer Where You’ll Stash Your Phone During Phone-Free Time 8) Put the Phone On Silent During Set Times 9) Turn off Notifications in your device. 10) Use “Do Not Disturb” on Your Phone During Family Time. 11) Make your device faster and more efficient to use. 12) Use An App To Monitor Usage. Do check how many times a day you use your phone.

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It's not that easy to completely get rid of your devices, but if parents start it with themselves and especially when the entire family is together at home or on outings, should have their phones on silent and kept away and just check later after spending good 4-5 hours together. I have tried it a couple of times and worked well for me.

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I once saw an article where everyone's phones are placed in the centre of the table during gatherings and the first person who touches his phone before the meeting is over has to foot the bill for everyone. This could be adapted for families and the "punishment" could be taking away privileges or extra house chores etc.

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I used to have this problem with my son because my hubby used it as a pacifier. However when his tablet broke I didn't buy him a new one. Problem solved. He can survive without it. But now the problem is with my hubby. When were together he spends most of his time using the phone.

I think one of the best ways is to show them that we as parents can put away our devices and be in the moment with them. Why not make it as a fun challenge as well for the kids? Whoever that uses the devices / demands for it loses

I want to know it too! For kid's it will be easy as it can always come with rules and time restriction but for my partner, I can't be possibly confiscating his phone right? lol

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My husband cant live without his phone but sometimes Im telling him to stop using his phone and enjoy the time instead.

just set aside certain times and certain days you put things down and just be together..