Parents who have kids with the opposite sex, do you give them separate toys according to their gender or do they share toys?

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Usually it starts out with separate toys catered for boys and girls but it never stays that way. By the end of the day, everyone is playing with everyone else's toys -- at least that's what happened in my family growing up. I played with my brothers' action figures and toy trucks and my brothers would find some joy in kicking my dolls around or feeding them to their toy dinosaurs haha. Sharing is fine, in my opinion.

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we bought separate toys for my son and daughter..but once they start to play, our little girl wants to have her brother's toys like cars and balls, and our son wants to have his sister's girly toys haha sometimes they fight for the same toy. maybe that's just how they play..

I agree with Yuna. Sharing is fine because at the end of the day, kids are kids so let them play freely. When I was a kid, I even share the same toys with my cousins (who are boys) and so did my sister. I remember my Mikel, my cousin, used to play my sister's dolls as well.

My son and daughter are 5 years apart and because of the age difference didn't share most of the toys yet my daughter would play with my son's Hot Wheels cars and other stuff. Some toys were gender specific though it was up to them with which one they decided to play.

I let them share toys as I am hesitant to buy dolls for my baby girl because I have a feeling that the kuya will just take it from her. He is so fond of doing and using things that her sister has or does. So for now, I let them play toys that are good for both genders.

Each of them have their own toys but ended up they mixed around to play. So not particular or any intention to separate the toys.