Mid- Autumn Festival/ Halal Mooncake Festival!

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival. Though my family and i do not celebrate the festival we do enjoy eating Moon cake and watching our kids play with their handmade lantern from school or some cute ones bought from NTUC 😊! We normally get our halal mooncakes from Polar or Swee Heng as a gift or whenever we feel like having some. I like mine with 2 yolks!! How about you? What do you guys do during this celebration? Love to hear your best memories as when u were growing up and how you celebrate with your kids these days.

Mid- Autumn Festival/ Halal Mooncake Festival!
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oh i love polar mooncakes!! we bought the durian one and feasted on it last weekend. we celebrated this year's festival early since it fell on a weekday. but when i was a kid we would go to gardens the night under the sky.

2y ago

Yes the polar ones are so nice right!?!? Must be sweet memories! I'm gonna try to bring my little one downstairs near the playground with his lantern!