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Hi mummies. Recently, my 20 month old toddler has been so clingy towards me. 😅 To the point where he throws a tantrum when I'm unable to pick him up due to cleaning / cooking. 😟 And his tantrums are those full on type where he just hangs on to my legs or tries to throw his body on the flooring , screaming and crying. I had a total meltdown yesterday and shouted at my toddler , locked myself in the toilet and tried to calm down. Daddy tried to calm toddler down but it was futile as he only wanted me 😭😭😭 I felt bad and came out of the toilet after a good 10 minutes and sat down in front of my toddler. Turns out he just wanted to be carried by me. Has anyone else gone through this before? Is this just a phase? He's going to school in April and I really don't want him to experience separation anxiety and wouldn't want to trouble the teachers with his tantrum. 😟 Do hope to hear from you guys on how you managed to go through this phase. Thank you , from an exhausted mama ♥️

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Is your husband taking the initiative to take care and be there for your toddler? Or it’s always you who handle your toddler?

9mo ago

It might be. Probably talk to your hub to be there for your toddler and you try to stay out of your toddler sight. Try for a few minutes first and get your hub to explain to your toddler that where you are going and you will come back. As time goes, prolong the timing. Get your hub to be more involved n not give up so easily.