How to get 2 year old toddler to talk?

My two year old barely speaks and response when we call his name. He only babbles and calls papa,mama when he feels like. He understand simple instruction and knows when we scold him. Not sure if it’s because we spend little time talking to him. I’m an introvert so I feel tired having to constantly talk a lot. I tried reading to him but he doesn’t want to sit still and will just scribble the book or tear the book. Sometimes I just look at him while he play on his own. I’m just afraid his delayed speech will get worse. What should I do…:

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Hi I’m a preschool teacher, some kids still don’t talk at 2 years old in my school. But you have to talk more with your baby. They learn through mimicking parents. When he is playing, you can play together with him and name single words, like colours, shape, type of vehicle etc.