How do you deal with a meddling mother-in-law?

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It depends on your partner stand. If your partner and you both sing the same song, it would be easier. Otherwise you and your partner will need to come to a mutual agreement. As for me i can say im blessed. Both my husband and i have the same understanding. We clearly draw lines with both of our families. We both agree that at the end of the day, it is out marriage and our family. Both in laws are important too, but who else knows best except for us. It would be good for you and your partner to share the same thing, then can you both handle your family individually. Not sure if i make sense to you. Ill be happy to assist if you have any questions further. Hope this helps.

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I simply don't allow it to happen. Since day 1 of our marriage, we lived on our own, far from the in-laws. It helped us a lot, given the fact the we are still building foundation for our new family. Based on experience, it's better to avoid things or people whom you know you could have problems with. And it works for us. We solve our own problems and we're very much independent as a couple and a family.

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My husband do all the talking/explaining to his family. I don't bother explaining especially if we have different opinions on a certain topic. It will just cause misunderstanding. I just acknowledge their comments and then I share it with my husband. If ever the topic comes up again, my husband will be the one to answer and not me.

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Pinagsasabihan ko siya pag ayaw ko sa ginagawa niya pero hindi naman siya nakikinig. Pagsabihan mo pa ng 100x labas sa tenga lang yung sinabi ko. Most of the time yung partner ko naghahandle sakaniya. Ka stress eh kahit nakabukod kami nakaka stress pag andito siya sa bahay.

Hi Mommy! Monster in law? Hahaha! Let your husband deal with her. Don't waste your time kc yan talaga ang purpose nila sa buhay. Maiistress ka lang. Wala ka naman mapapala. Iwasan mo nlng as much as possible.

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for me we are totally different individuals., but with respect each other.. were good to know..each other well.

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