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Postpartum Depression?

Maybe it's postpartum. Maybe not. Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe it's the sleepless nights. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed. Or maybe, I'm just in denial. All I know is that I'm going thru something that's causing a surge of emotions. Let me break it down, 1. I just gave birth a month ago via CS. Thank God I'm healing faster than expected. What I don't want to admit was that only the physical wound is healing fast, not the mental and emotional side. I didn't wish for CS. I mean, who would? My first born was via normal delivery. 2. We are moving to a new home. Unfurnished. We have to prepare a ton of things. And as of now we haven't got anything bought or planned or chosen. I should be excited. I was excited. But little by little I'm getting drowned by the things to be accomplished. And it's eating me. 3. I have a 3yo toddler who makes this whole experience a lot more challenging as it is. Don't get me wrong. I love my 2nd born as much as my 1st born. But unlike before, I only have one crying baby to think and take care of. Now I have to juggle. 4. I head my department at work so I need to get back whether I like it or not. Whether I'm ready or not. 5. My partner is hosting a friend from abroad and he needs to go out at times. This is very seldom and he makes sure we are not alone at home. Tho I know he has to go out for his own sanity, I can't deny that it's adding up to my already crowded head. 6. My milk supply is depleting. And it's depleting earlier that expected. Maybe it's because of all the stress? Or maybe it's because I was not doing enough latching or pumping? Or both? Whatever it is, it's devastating. I wish I had better things to say and share. Maybe it's PPD. Or maybe not.

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