How to deal Tantrums

How do you deal with your toddlers tantrums?

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Depende why he's having a tantrum: (1) He wants something but struggles to express himself - I calm him down by telling him, "Wait." Then I ask him, "Do you want ______?" Depende kung ano yung sinasabi nya bago sya mag-tantrum. Lagi namin sya pina-practice sa "wait," kahit noong maliit pa sya kaya naiintindihan nya and it works. (2) He wants something but it's a no no - I stay firm na no no talaga, then I offer him something else. Works most of the time. (3) Grumpy/Overstimulated/Tired/Hungry - depende when he last ate and took a nap. Offer food but if he says no, and mukhang inaantok, take him somewhere quiet so he can nap. (4) Just tantrums talaga and walang ibang reason - di na masyado nangyayari to pero we let him be, titigil din syabin a few minutes. It's ok as long as he's in a safe environment. Then comfort him after, see if he needs/wants anything.

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Ignore but keep his or her environment safe😊