How do you clean your baby's hands before eating when you are not at home? Is there any wipes recommended for the hands and face? I'm scared my 1 yr old will get rashes.

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Whoever is takjng care of the baby can clean baby's hands with water. Or you can use wet cotton. But best is to inculcate the habit of washing hands with water in the basin. It is a habit that the baby will learn for life. Else you can use sanitiser and make her rub her hands. It is easier than wet wipes as wet wipes need to be thrown in the dustbin.

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When we are outside, of course, we can't wash our baby's hands with soap and water all the time. So yeah, I bring wet wipes with me all the time. I've tried several brands that are proven to be safe on baby's skin - Giggles, Pigeon, Nursy, and there's also an Organic wipes available at the groceries.

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I use baby wipes most of the time. We've been using the brand Nursy powder scent for the longest time and we've never encountered any problem with my 2 babies. If there's a chance to wash hands with water, the better.

We're teaching our child to wash her hands with soap and water. Of course with our assistance. Then automatic she asks for alcohol. When you put alcohol in her hands, she rubs them together.


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go for unscented wipes.