How do you clean your toddler’s teeth?

My toddler is 1 year old already and she has 8 teeth (including upper and lower). Anong toothpaste ginamit nyo safe for 1 yr old?

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May mga teething gel/toothpaste. Pero meron yun aquafresh n milkteeth for 0-2 with safe flouride content for toddlers. Use small amount lang just smear on your child's toothbrush

Aquafresh milkteeth 0-2 gamit ko before sknya, and now nmn aquafresh p rin 3-5. Okay naman teeth nya, walang sira tsaka mabango sa mouth.

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pigeon po. yung walang fluoride muna at first then unti unting turuan si LO to spit. if marunong na, toothpaste with fluoride na.

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Tiny fangs toothpaste by tiny buds. They habe different stages according to age po tas soft bristled toothbrush

I used tiny buds hanggang 2yrs old siya. Now I’m using colgate for kids po or happee toothpaste for kids.

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Tiny buds. Aqua fresh milkteeth late ko na nadiscover pero safe sya for 0-2

may mabibili naman na non fluoride toothpaste sa human nature

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yung toothpaste po ba para sa edad nya.. meron nman po yun

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Tiny buds na Tiny Fangs po tas soft-bristle tooth brush

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yung tiny buds ok naman daw