How do you breastfeed baby and pump in the same room w CL? CL will be staying in the same room w me during confinement if i wanna hire becos i have no other spare rm. Do you tell her right from the start that u are intending to breastfeed? Do u ask for privacy when its time for feeding? Night time how do your do it? Bring the baby out of the rm and breastfeed?

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The CL might be able to help you actually:) helping baby to latch well so baby doesn’t cause you pain. It may be weird but there’s really no need to feel embarassed. You’re doing a wonderful thing for your baby, and your CL is just there to guide/make things easier

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It's normal to feel a bit shy at first but I assure you after a few months you can do it in front of your brother your father or even strangers haha. I used to be so secretive but lost all shame eventually 😂. When baby is hungry don't have time to think about shame

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I was ok with the CL seeing me breastfeed or pump. It’s better to have a fixed place to breastfeed. Use a nursing cover if you are really very uncomfortable. You need to tell the CL beforehand that she will be staying in the same room as you.

I would just feed. Anyways, all woman. So I wouldn't bother much about it. Night feedings just latch baby. She is a confinement lady, this wouldn't be something new to her. Unless she stares at your boobs lol.

My cl at times will walk into my room when I'm pumping to take bb stuff. Just act normal... sometimes I even leak through my top when theres a let down. She also seen it... so it's fine to me

Good to have cl beside you and to guide you when breastfeeding. CL have seen enough boobs of other mommy, so yours is like norm alr haha. It's all woman anyway!

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Can't care so much when you're having pain at the bottom and baby crying. I just let the cl see everything. Just make sure your room door is close when you bf

Yes, why not. I pumped n BF in front of my MIL and mum no issues on that. In fact, they will even help to correct ur posture if you don't it correctly

Think it’s fine if you are comfortable with it to breastfeed in the same room. The CL would probably be used to it also.

definitely breast fed with the entire family and even outside with strangers there is nothing to be shy or ashamed about