Hi 👋🏻 Any breastfeeding mama here?🤱🏻 I have a few questions regarding breastfeeding and please correct me if I am wrong 🙏🏻 I'm still new to breastfeed thingy 😅 1. How many times do you breastfeed in a day? 2. How long can breastmilk last in room temperature? I heard that it can last up to 4 hours, is it true? 3. I prefer pumping than latching because my newborn doesn't know how to latch properly and I'll end up bleeding a little unless if it's an emergency and no time to pump then I'll let him latch while I'm baring the pain. How many times do you pump and do you store it? How? Explain because I never store my milk before. 4. My milk is overflow... other than breast pads, how do you prevent too much leakage especially when you're outside? 5. How long do you breastfeed? I plan to stop when newborn reaches 2 years old. 6. My newborn poo every feedings. Yellowish bowel, normal?

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1) I don’t latch. I’m EP mum. However for how many times you bf in a day is totally up to the baby. Whenever they want u can latch. As for bottle fed, usually I’ll go for 2 hours for newborns. Once they turn 4-6 months, u can do every 3-4 hours. 2) yes it’s true 3) how often u pump depends on how new u are. If ure still a new mum to a below 6 months old baby, I suggest around 6-8 pumps to establish a good amount of milk supply. Once your milk supply is established, then u can maybe cut 1-2 pumps. Then when u finally want to stop bf, u can slowly cut down. I store them in bottles (you can buy from a number of brands, but to me Philips avent one tends to leak). If there’s too much milk in the fridge, I will pump and straight away freeze it. Milk last about 3 days in the fridge. So if you think your baby can’t finish that amount of milk, please freeze it. It’s also good to write down the date and time of when u express the milk. However, if u do want to explore latching options, maybe can hire a lactation consultant to guide u on how to latch properly. 4) I typically just use breast pads. Although there’s this milk catching thing. But I’m not sure how well it works, and well, if you’re outside, I’m not sure how u will store the milk. Maybe catch and dump? But if ure home, then I would recommend Hakka. 5) my baby just turn 1. I’m still bf him and I plan to stop after he turns 18 months. Although, I might stop earlier. Cause tiring and also my baby is a fan of milk 😂. Prefers his solid. So I just feel like all my efforts wasted cause he don’t want to drink. Hahha. 6) yellowish is normal. Make sure it’s not black or white.

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1. breastfeed on demand - follow baby's cue 2. yes but do a smell & taste test before offering it to baby 3. perhaps see a lactation consultant if you want to continue latching. they can guide you on how to correct baby's latching. i used to pump every 3 hours on top of direct latching (i have low supply). if you're giving the expressed bm to baby say the next day, just keep it in the fridge - it's ok to keep up to 3 days. i keep it furtherst away from the fridge door and near the back of the fridge. if you have extra or building up a stash, store in the freezer (using bm storage bags save space) 4. i used breast pads only..but i dont have overflowing issues 😅 5. my LO is 16mo now but no signs of weaning - I'll breastfeed her as long as ahe wants. we've started giving her all other types of milk though since ahw turned 1yo😅fresh milk, uht milk, goat's milk, formula milk... 6. yup normal for newborn

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