mummies with PIL staying in managing time with baby

Dear mummies I am in this awkward position with my in laws who just move in to our house. Not that there is any fight or argument but i guess because we are still new to staying together under one roof with each other. So times where im in the living room with baby. My in laws will be in their room. When im in my room, my in laws will be in living room with baby. How do you guys manage such that there is a set of time a day for in laws to interact with baby. And other times i can solely take care and interact with baby and have his undivuded attention. How do you guys bring this across to your in laws? The situation is really tricky and awkward. Unlike if PIL live separately from us it would be easier as time they spend here visiting us or us visiting them will be solely time for them to interact with baby. But when staying under the same roof, this whole thing become very blurred and unclear. I definitely need my own time with baby given that i only have 4 months of ML and is coming to an end soon. Thereafter the time i have with my baby would just be a mere 3 hrs a day before baby goes to sleep and on weekend. Hence the time now is really precious to me. Yet when im solely taking care of my baby it feels as if like im depriving my inlaws the time they can soend with their grandchild. But they are gonna have whole lots of time interacting with the grandchild once im back to work. Anyone with similar situation mind sharing how you handle this?

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Firstly you have to see how your in law feel. Whether they are OK with what you do. My in law from outside look OK but inside not OK so I have alot of issue after that and I had to quit my job and move out. Its really tricky handle very carefully.

4y ago

Hi mummy thanks for sharing your situation and im sorry to hear that you had similar issue as well. Would you be able to share what is it that your in laws is not okay with?


you know what i m gonna do. i m gonna tc of my baby myself. handle the childcare arrangement myself and not let mil tc cause conflicts will happen. confinement i also settle myself