We hired our helper through an agency. After 6 months and 3 days (3 days past the agency's replacement period), she told us she wants to find another employer. She requested that we don't send her back to the agency we hired her from, but let her seek out another agent on her own. The time frame she needs to find a new employer is 2-3 weeks. Is this request fair? Do we need to return her to the agency we employed her from or is she free to seek out new employers on her own? We are first time employers and don't want to run into any issues with the agency / MOM. Thanks!

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Ur case sounds similar to what my gf has encounters. She sends her maid back. some times, The Maid just want to earn more $, thus telling u that she'll wants to find new employers & dun want to go thr agency or home. It could be what some of the parents had said that she had finished her loan. But likely, is she just want to earn more and go to those who can pay her slightly higher than u.

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For 6 months, her loan could be finished. She is fishy. I would suggest to send her back home once her loan is finish. There could be other reasons on why she will want to seek employer herself. Most maids like to find angmo employer as their 'life' are usually easier

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6y ago

Did you just put "life" in quotes?! Seriously?

Seems fishy for the helper to make such a request, I'll call up the agency to check on their policy. It's just 3 days past the replacement period, u may still be able to negotiate for a replacement.

Call the agency, or best to email also can. In that way everything. Black and white. Please do not let her go on her own.

If there's anything, just inform ur maid agency and bring her back to where u engage her from.