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Hi there! At what age is it appropriate for a kid to get a cell phone?

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Yes, I'd also delay it as much as possible. If there has to be a specific age, I'd say maybe 12 or 13? For purposes of contacting her easily when she's out of sight, I might give her a cheap non-smartphone phone which only has call and text functions. Too many kids are being handed smartphones at a young age and this gets them hooked on technology.

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After 5yrs is good to have kid techsavy but it is upto you how you handle the behaviour of your kid with it. In most family, kids are too possessive if they like the cell phone functions. Make sure that kids has own account in the cellphone and access limited videos, games.

Im a teenager my parent give me my first phone at 12 year old so i supposed 12-13 year old but always keep an eyes on them i know what im talking about i made alot of dumb s***..

My daughter started asking for a phone from Primary 3. We asked her to wait until later. I think P5 and P6 is the time when they can start using the phone for communications.

Teen, pero monitored lahat lalo ang social media accounts niya. Dapat alam mo ang lahat ng password niya.

Certainly not before a teenager - and even then it should be monitored hard and time should be rationed.

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Depends on the kid. Whether he is responsible enough and mature enough. If not best to wait till sec1..


I would say delay it as much as possible and give them a handphone only if it's a necessity!

same as legal age for alcohol and smoking since they are equally addictive and harmful.