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What is the appropriate age for a kid to start using smartphone?

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As late as possible, probably when they're in primary school - but even then I'd just give my son a normal functioning phone, as long as it can SMS and call it's good enough. I personally feel that they don't need smartphones at all, more often than not, it is for the convenience of adults and very bad for their health in so many ways - my son had a period that I call smartphone addiction, he was down with fever but spent 10+ hours watching YouTube without eating/drinking. That was when I drew the line with my parents on smartphone usage and put him in "rehab" haha, it took over 3 weeks to finally get him without thinking about it - but of course, it also meant that we had to play with him more!

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Depends on if the child is using the phone to communicate with the parents while travelling home or to keep the child entertained... If for entertainment, try to delay till they're teens unless you can monitor their screen time and the program they are using

I will give at 14. Even Bill Gates did not allow his kids to use smartphones not until they have reached 14. If he did it, I think we can too, besides it’s all up to us parents. We know what’s best for our children. 😊

i agree teens..but for me a single parent i gave my kid when she was in pri 4 after my helper went back since my child was managing going home alone etc a hp was necessary

Probably around 12,with parental guidance of course. Its scary to see very young children nowadays glued to smartphones(most likely parents) whenever they are outside.

it totally depends on if it is a necessity to give like pick -up from school and classes. if not i think whne they are 13-14 is a good age.

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These days not easy to get a non smart hp. So there should b a need (not want) if the kid is to have a hp. Not exactly age dependent.

wow, at least 10 years old before my son will get a smart phone to himself. and even then with parental guide

13! There is so many stories about kids having speech problems and autisms too much time.on phone and too young

I will give around primary 5-6. Or when I feel they are able to be responsible and not let it affect studies