What age is appropriate for kid to have a cell phone?
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1 - 5 yrs
5 - 10 yrs
10 -15 yrs
> 15 yrs

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Would prefer to give them phone in upper secondary but during the entire sec 1 sch orientation. When the principal asked "who's children doesnt have a cell phone" i was the only one who raise up my hand. Ironic. And it was necessary to let them have one because they travel and i can contact them. But of coz they abuse the phone entirely! Sigh

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At 10 I think it’s ok to have a simple phone that only allows texting and calling. I’d give my child an iPhone/ equivalent at 15.

In case they need to stay back in school, phone easier to contact & by this age they should be more responsible

Just for use sometime is Oky with age of 10-15 But their own is after 15


probably 9. for communication purposes

probably 9. for communication purposes

Basic phones for 8 year olds and up.

to be specific, after 17