At what age did your maids stop bathing your kids? Boys especially. Is there a 'healthy' age to put a stop to it?

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I do not have a maid. I stop bathing my daugther when she turns 4 years old as I feel she is already capable to bath herself. For my boy, I will do the same i.e. let him bath on his own when he turns 4 years old. If you have any concern on your maid bathing your kids, especially boy, you should stop letting your maid to do it. Actually there is no exact "healthy age". For my boy who is 2.5 years old now actually he is capable to bath himself (wash hair and body using kids body shampoo). If you feel your kid is ready to do it himself/herself, you can do so. Also, remember to put anti-slip mat in your bathroom to avoid falling accident when kids bath alone.

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I think it very much depends on when your child is ready to shower by themselves. Usually by around 5 or 6 (though different children will be different) they should be independent enough and would request to shower by themselves. My niece asked when she was six and my cousin slowly taught her how to clean herself properly. Safety is the key concern so she made sure to explain to her daughter not to play in the bathroom and bought new non-slipped mats. If for any reason you are worried but feel that your child is not old enough to shower himself yet, you can probably take over the task from your maid instead till he is ready to shower by himself.

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