Hi mums.. my LO is 7 months.. n Since 2 days she bites when i latch her on.. what can i do to stop her from biting.. today i made sure she is hungry and wants to drink milk b4 latching on... but she bites after sucking on the 2nd breast for a few times.. leaving a breast to be leaking....n now i am scared to latch her on after she bites.. what should i do?

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Why do babies bite while breastfeeding? During their teething period their guns are swollen and uncomfortable, hence they will tend to bite at anything that goes into their mouths. It is actually impossible for baby to bite mommy's breast while feeding because the gum/teeth is separated by the tongue when latched correctly. So it's only when they're not latching that they bite and it's usually before or after the feeding when it happens. Other reasons could be they get impatient waiting for your milk to let-down. What to do when your baby bites? -maintain eye contact and talk to her to prevent biting - when it happens, use your pinky to unlatch baby from the breast and tell baby that if she bites she shall not nurse and offer the breast again after a few seconds -establish a deep latch by making sure baby opens her mouth wide enough Thankfully for most mummies biting does not happen forever. In my experience my daughter gummed me for about 2 weeks and learnt how to stop after I repeatedly and firmly told her that it was painful and she shall not have milk if she bites. Do help her to ease her teething discomforts with a teething toy or a milk pop to reduce her biting frequency. I think she bites your second breast because she was feeding and got impatient waiting for that breast to let-down or probably she has had enough. You will need to figure that out. Hope you get to survive through this phase and it passes soon. Happy nursing! http://sg.theasianparent.com/breastfeeding-teething-and-biting-babies/

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Babies tend to bite when they are not actively suckling or in the mood for play/interaction. Sometimes, they might even gum the breast because of uncomfortable gums when teething. Shrutika maybe she is more satisfied so she bites on the second breast. A gentle way would be to unlatch her when she starts biting and explain gently that it hurts mummy. If it is teething, you could offer a cool teether while gently explaining that biting hurts mummy. Or maybe she wants to interact with you, more eye contact?

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When my baby bite me while nursing, i will gently unlatch and tell him/her that not bite and this will make mummy painful. Try to be consistent each time when baby bites so they can get the message: biting = no milk.

Believe it or not, babies understand when you say "no". I have tried this with my three boys - all biting me when they latch. A firm no, then unlatching the baby will help baby to stop biting.