I'm a first time breastfeeding mom for #2 baby now at 1 week old only. past few days she was admitted due to jaundice & for that the nurses had fed her with bottled formula now the problem is after I got her back she doesn't want to latch on I'm suspecting she might be on nipple confusion already. I cld only get her to latch aft 30min of trying!!! i had to use nipple shield then only she will want to latch. I almost want to gave up.. meanwhile I'm feeding her breast milk in bottle which I've pumped or with nipple shield. how do I get her to latch on again w/o nipple shield?

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The good news is that babies are "hard-wired" to the breast, which means that this is the most natural thing for them to do and sooner or later, they will get back to your breast after refusing it for a bottle or a teat. As one poster mention, try to do a skin to skin contact with your baby as often as possible. Without your shirt on and with the baby wearing only a diaper, put her tummy down on your chest and try to relax. Your baby may not latch on immediately but watch out for these signs: 1. Baby is rooting for the nipple. 2. Opens her mouth or licks the nipple. 3. Takes the nipple in but doesn't suck. It takes time for the baby to accomplish all but be positive that she will get there. Hope this helps.

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Hang in there mummy! One of my friends managed to "re-latch" (she had to stop breastfeeding for a while due to medical reasons) her baby after numerous tries. It was tough and disheartening but she persevered through and finally managed to do it. Her tip was simply try whenever possible. Even when baby refused the attempt, don't force the baby and try not to be discouraged. She also found that trying to breastfeed while baby is sleepy helps too as the feeding will be more instinctual and there is a higher chance of baby accepting the breast. Take care and all the best!!

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It only takes time and several tries. Latch the baby when she's not too hungry and speak to hear with a soothing voice. My baby didn't latch the first month and I had to pump, I tried different methods and positions and finally I managed to do it! She liked to be beside me, so I laid down to feed her and step by step I introduced her different positions. Takes patience and effort, actually this is the combo for pretty much everything...

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Perhaps you can start off with re-establishing skin to skin contact. When you're not nursing her, just take the opportunity to hold her against your bare skin. I've read that this will allow baby to re-familiarise herself with your scent, your body and eventually re-establish the connection between nursing and your breasts.

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You can start dream feeding without the nipple shield to let baby get familiarise. It will take some time and some frustrations but it is possible. Just have to keep trying! It took my about 2 months for baby to latch back on and he have been latching ever since. He didn't even wants nipple shield!

Just keep on trying. Don't give up mommy. It would take time and effort on your part but it will be worth it.

Keep latching ! And make sure both if you are in a comfortable position

get an LC to help you. don't prolong the wait!