Breastfeeding vs bottle-feeding?!

Hi mommies, my LO is 10-days old. As a breast cancer survivor, I'm left with one breast for feeding. She is a big eater. While trying to increase milk volume, I was suggested to top up with formula in bottle to match her demand, since she was severely dehyrated. She started to prefer bottle-feeding and refuse to latch on me. It hurts me so much to see her cry out of hunger but I still selfishly wish she could just latch on me a while longer. My friends suggested that I pump out my breast milk and feed her in bottle. But as a mother, the feeling of her sucking my breast is so miraculous to let go. Could you please share what I should do?

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Hi Mummy, just to share my story. Being a first time mum, I can't latch well. My baby girl will cry loudly because she is too hungry & she doesn't have to patient to latch. Many times she fell asleep while she latch on & 1hr later she ended up crying for milk again. Personally I prefer to pump out & feed her. I know how much she is drinking & she is happy! Don't stress yourself too much! You are doing very well mummy!

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