Breastfeeding vs bottle-feeding?

Hi mommies, my LO is 10-days old. As a breast cancer survivor, I'm left with one breast for feeding. She is a big eater. While trying to increase milk volume, I was suggested to top up with formula in bottle to match her demand, since she was severely dehyrated. She started to prefer bottle-feeding and refuse to latch on me. It hurts me so much to see her cry out of hunger but I still selfishly wish she could just latch on me a while longer. My friends suggested that I pump out my breast milk and feed her in bottle. But as a mother, the feeling of her sucking my breast is too miraculous to let go. Could you please share what I should do?

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Super Mum

Hi dear, I have 2 breasts, but even that wasn’t enough for my little one at 10 days old. And she needed top ups too. I carried on latching on demand, and pumping in between to build up the supply, while still giving her formula. Suddenly at 1 month old, when my supply was good and the flow rate was pretty fast, she only wanted to latch and refused the milk bottle. It swung to the other extreme, and it took me 3 months to get her to even drink anything from the bottle again 😅 Essentially, please don’t give up. You’ve beaten breast cancer! You can fulfill this beautiful dream of breastfeeding too:) drink well, eat well, rest well.. keep latching first (and persevere with her impatience) before topping up with formula after that. Also do power pumping in between your feeds. Hope your supply will build soon and you and baby will enjoy breastfeeding together:)

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4y ago

Hi Cherlyn, Thanks for the sharing. I'm having the same problem with bottle refusal now. My LO started to refuse bottle since 2 weeks ago. She gets cranky even when we start to prep her for feeding. She only accepts latch-on. I don't know what is the cause. Because my milk supply is low, I can't let her go on like this without formula top-up. Her weight has been stagnant for 2 weeks. (T-T)