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hi . Any idea how to stop latching breast milk & stop from leaking ??? Reason being as am too tired& lazy to kept pumping it. And my LO Doesnt want to suck on it anymore she prefer bottle instead now and i also realise when she drink breastmilk she will gets hungry easily or even sometimes she still gets hungry after finishing her first feed so i would prefer feeding formula milk now instead........

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I heard from my friend who is a professional massager for engorged breast and postpartum, putting cold cabbage for compress can stop milk production. Gradually after putting cold cabbage several times, milk production will be lesser and lesser before it totally stops. I never tried it though as I still want to increase my milk supply.

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my baby stopped latching by himself as soon as his 2 bottom teeth came out

My milk supply automatically decreased,when my baby stopped breastfeeding.

Yes, cold cabbage actually lessens & stops your milk production. Try it.